SimRacing604: Race Sim Studio RSS2 V6 2020 plus free cars

SimRacing604 has a look at the tasty latest offering from Race Sim Studio including a V6 2020 F1 style car as well as some free cars from the Assetto Corsa mod developer and €2.99 it’s a steal.

Race Sim Studio, arguably the best modding team in sim racing, has given us lots of good news in a very short span. They have released their Formula RSS 2 V6 2020, a mod based on the current year Formula 2 car.

In addition, we are also in the midst of a sale that has all of the cars Race Sim Studio offers priced at 25% off. And finally, RSS has also announced that the Formula Hybrid 2017 and the Formula RSS 2 V8 are now free!