Automobilista 2 updated to Version

Automobilista 2 continues to be tweaked and improved ahead of its forthcoming release, with AI getting a makeover as well as some track updates in this Version

This is what the release notes said:

This build introduces the new AI Strength logic – now the setting works more similarly to how it did in AMS1, as a more straight-forward AI Grip multiplier, without affecting other aspects of AI performance & behavior, to offer a much wider and more consistent scalar for setting up AI difficulty.

As in AMS1, the AI Strength slider is now restricted to a range of 70-120%, with default setting being 90% and a setting of 100% being equivalent of real-world performance. Beware however that the AI in some series may still misbehave at extreme ends of the scale, and that that the new system still requires further calibration for consistency from series to series.

Given the relevance of the AI Strength development to making game more adjustable for a wider range of player skills, we´ve decided to roll this on to release already rather than hold it for v1.0.

V0.9.6 also features further physics & FFB fine-tuning and a new batch of car suspension animations. Below is the full

Automobilista 2 V0.9.6.0 CHANGELOG:


  • Reinstated time acceleration for Single Player events


  • Revised code to fix (or at least mitigate) issues with FFB causing wheel to pull hard right or left in some circunstances
  • Increased input rates to 500Hz and limited FFB rate to 360Hz to minimise potential issues with asynchronous rates
  • Further fine-tuned all car-specific max force, filters & smoothing levels to suit final FFB system and latest tyre physics developments


  • Fixed stalled player engine in rolling starts and in some cases when switching from AI control (still needs multiplayer testing)
  • Minor tread adjustments for F-Vintage, Trucks, GT, SuperV8, prototype & road tyres
  • Reduced default brake pressure to 90% (same as AMS1 – setting remains adjustable from car setup for player preferences)
  • Slightly increased optimum brake temperature ranges for both steel & carbon brakes
  • Reduced contact factor in open-wheelers (further minimising extreme reactions in wheel-to-wheel collisions)
  • Reduced incremental lift with radiator opening setting
  • MRX: Fixed wrong brake fade ranges in all variants
  • Ultima GTR: Fixed rear brake cooling on Road version
  • F-Vintage: Adjusted default differential settings for better driveability


  • Added new Opponent AI Strength logic
  • Clamped opponent AI Strength range to 70-120%
  • Added customized parameter per car for AI brake application
  • Further reduced AI throttle application gap dependingon AI driver skill level
  • Further callibration of AI performance
  • Further reduced AI brake grip in GT / prototypes


  • Jerez: curbs UV2 mapping correction; fixed LOD issues with inner grass; conformed started grid lines to latest road noise & other minor fixes
  • Interlagos: Updated trackside cameras


  • Toned down dirty layer on rear view mirrors
  • Added suspension animations for all Caterhams, F-Trainers & F-Vintage