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rFactor 2: Release notes for update 1.1119

rFactor 2 released a modest update to the platform boasting “lots” of improvements to the new (and unpopular) user-interface, but little else to get excited about.

Here is what they reported in the release notes:

Improved logging to help us diagnose issues and run smoother.

Lots of little UI fixes.

  • Added the option to configure custom overlays, a guide is here>>>
  • Several lighting tweaks to improve shaders and backward compatibility.
  • Fixed the lighting in the showroom.
  • Fixed some issues with the sky progress from dusk-to-night.
  • Fix for Logitech controller names which now include G-HUB.
  • Improved shader hashing, might make loading slightly faster.
  • Fixed suspension damage transfer during driver swap.
  • Fixed an issue where moving to the next session made some clients crash.

Known issues:

  • Dusk and night are a bit over-exposed at the moment.

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