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KartKraft: Update brings dynamic sky and lighting

Is KartKraft's new update enough to relight the fire?
Is KartKraft’s new update enough to relight the fire?

KartKraft have unveiled a new update for the simulator bringing further graphics enhancements.

The snappily branded update brings dynamic sky and lighting to the karting simulator and is already available on Steam.

The update seemingly weighs in at 1.6GB pointing that graphical tweaks are not the only new addition.

Indeed, the new build also brings some changes to the fantasy North Texas Kart Circuit (NTK).

The update notes state that with the new dynamic skies package, weather will currently be locked to overcast. We are looking forward to further weather settings that hopefully are on their way soon.

Shader qualities have also been tweaked to reduce the appearance of “floating wheels” in previous builds.

The NTK has received some fresh new kerbs and the friction coefficient for all kerbs has been upped to 0.8 from 0.7.

The KartKraft simulator is available on Steam. Although still in Early Access, the sim has been widely praised by the community, showing promise for it’s future ahead.

We looked back at KartKraft recently, questioning it’s ability to become the “iRacing of the karting world”.

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