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Isle of Man TT goes virtual this June

This years TT is set for a virtual twist

Developers NACON and KT Racing have announced that they will be hosting a virtual Isle of Man TT this month.

With the majority of racing titles focused around four wheels, life on two is often forgotten. But with the growth of the MotoGP franchise, Ride and TT Isle of Man, bikes are back in business.

Next, developers NACON and KT Racing will be hosting an eSports series using the ‘TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge’ game.

With the real Isle of Man an annual event, it’s cancellation has hit fans hard. Luckily for some, there is now the option to take the entertainment online.

The virtual TT is being contested by eight teams of experienced riders. Included are Davey Todd, Conor Cummins and Peter Hickman. Once the riders have laid down the gauntlet, gamers worldwide are invited to compete in an open competition that runs from June 13-25.

As with any good competition, the stakes are high with a trip for two to the 2021 TT up for grabs. However, the runner up is not the first of the losers. Second place will receive a limited edition 2020 Arai helmet.

The event itself will consist of three rounds:

From June 13-17, open qualification on the Circuit of Ireland to select the top 50 players
From June 20-22, a lap of the Isle of Man to select the top 10 players
On June 25, the final battle to win the Senior TT over six laps of the Isle of Man

Marketing director at NACON, David Talmat added:

The Tourist Trophy is the culmination of the year for many riders after preparing for it all season. And for many fans it’s a dream to watch it in person one day! It’s a great disappointment that the race can’t go ahead this year, but we’re delighted to set up this competition based on TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 2, which will allow two people to experience the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy first hand next year!



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