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Project CARS 3: What do we know so far?

When Slightly Mad Studios dropped an unannounced trailer for Project CARS 3, the sim racing community was taken aback for one main reason. What even is Project Cars trying to be? A simulator, an arcade driving title? Let’s digest what we know so far.

Previous Project Cars titles targeted the more serious side of the sim racing market. With a huge amount of content available for drivers, impressive looking graphics and VR support. However, both Project CARS and Project CARS 2 disappointed in regards to the actual driving aspect of the “simulator”.

Initial impressions, Project CARS 3 is an arcade game. Stepping away from the sim market, the third title looks to tap into the Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport genre. The kind of game which one can kick back on the couch, plug in and play from the get go.

The trailer points heavily to the introduction of road racing to the franchise. An angle taken by many of the more arcadey of titles since day one. No prizes for guessing which direction the studio seems to be heading.

Project CARS 3 will get over 200 cars from both track and road as well as 140 “global tracks”. As heavily featured in the launch trailer, including the Cheverolet Corvette C8 and C8 R. In terms of tracks, we already know that Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace will join the roster. Studio head Ian Bell also revealing that a version of the Shanghai Grand Prix circuit will be available with multiple layouts. It’s likely many cars and tracks will be carried over from the last game.

It’s developers have already praised the game for it’s greatly improved accessibility thanks to it’s scaled assists, a new tyre model and “unrivalled controller experience”.

As expected with arcade games, there will be a heavy focus on the singleplayer aspect. A career mode is anticipated where drivers will start off with road cars and work up to GT racers via ten car classes.

Ian Bell has hinted that the title will be the “spiritual successor to Need for Speed Shift” with focus put on car customisation. Players will be able to upgrade and bring one car with them throughout the game. Alternatively, virtual currency allows the purchase of cars later on.

Similarly to Gran Turismo Sport, pCARS 3 will feature weekly scheduled events and matchmaking systems for an enhanced online experience.

From what we know so far, many hardcore sim fans are sure to be sceptical of the upcoming title. However, expect more information on Project CARS 3 to follow soon ahead of it’s Summer launch.

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