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Dirt 5 Rear View: Dishing out the dirt and more

Hype is mounting ahead of the release of Dirt 5 game, with Codemasters dropping some more info on the title ahead of going live date in October, on Steam.

This is what they had to say in their latest blog post:

All the way to DIRT 5’s launch from October, there will be a lot of detail that we’ll be bringing you. So, at the end of each month, we’ll bring you a round-up of all the big news and features on Codemasters’ first next-gen game, and the latest chapter in a legendary off-road racing franchise. Welcome to the first DIRT 5 Rear View, as we recap May and cover everything you need to know. Sitting comfortably?


First announced during Microsoft’s Inside Xbox show on May 7, DIRT 5 launches from October for PC, both next-gen and current-gen consoles for Xbox and PlayStation, as well as Google Stadia in early 2021.

DIRT 5’s announce trailer is below, showcasing the first clutch of DIRT 5’s car roster on three of the game’s brand new environments (New York, China, Norway), soundtracked by ‘Time To Dance’ (Sebastian Remix) by The Shoes.

We’ve already revealed some major features for DIRT 5, including four-player split-screen, a star-studded story-based Career mode, photo mode and the deepest livery editor ever seen in the DIRT franchise. There’s much more to be revealed though – each month we’ll be focusing on a key feature of DIRT 5, so mark your calendars, people.

Oh, and if you want to make sure you’re first to hear about all the big news, chat with fellow fans, and talk with the DIRT 5 team, head to the game’s official Discord channel, which has been lively all month long.


We’ll be keeping you posted at all times on pre-orders for DIRT 5. Right now, pre-orders are live on Steam, including a 10% discount on the Amplified Edition for players of previous DIRT games! Elsewhere, DIRT 5 is available for pre-order on Xbox One and PS4 from selected retailers. With the game launching across six different platforms from October, we’ll keep you posted on all news. is your one-stop shop for all pre-orders as they go live.


MO POWAH BABEH! It’s been awesome to see the excitement from fans around Donut Media’s involvement in DIRT 5. Many of you spotted the Ford Mustang in the announce trailer, complete with a unique Donut Media livery, sporting plenty of references from their channel such as ‘Buff Horses’ and 502 – the area code that Donut’s James Pumphrey grew up in. Make sure to check out Donut Media’s channel, and keep an eye out for more details on the deeper role they play in DIRT 5.


We are delighted to have Troy Baker and Nolan North on board for DIRT 5 – two icons in the world of voice acting and gaming, who are lending their talents to a Codemasters title for the very first time. In June we will be revealing much more about how Troy and Nolan fit into DIRT 5. Speaking with them recently, we know they’re excited for everyone to see not just the parts they play, but the unique style and approach that went into delivering their performances. Much more on that to come throughout June.

And no, we haven’t brought them in to just make engine noises. 😉


Looking for more DIRT 5 goodness? Stop the presses – we got out the ink and quill this month and delivered some more details on DIRT 5 with a few friends. Head to Xbox Wire, and Red Bull Gaming for some highly-suggested reading that breaks down the announce trailer, gives some development team insight, and offers a glimpse at what’s to come between now and October.

On top of that, Development Director Robert Karp also sat down with the Inside Xbox team this month to give some more DIRT 5 details. Already confirmed for DIRT 5 on Xbox Series X is a 120fps setting, as well as Smart Delivery: if you purchase DIRT 5 on Xbox One, you’ll receive the game on Xbox Series X, for free, if and when you switch up to the new console.


This past week we kicked off the first stage of our ‘Dishing the DIRT’ project, with well over 10 minutes of insight from the DIRT development team on the present and future of the franchise. With DIRT 5 and DiRT Rally 2.0 developed by separate studios, the teams go into detail on how this approach ensures different, dedicated experiences for all fans of off-road racing.

Whether you love the authenticity and challenge of the Rally series, or you’re a long-time fan of the bright, bold, amplified approach of the numbered DIRT games, we’re creating games that quench that thirst of yours! Head to our Dishing the DIRT playlist to find out more.


That wraps up our first month on the journey to DIRT 5’s launch, so pack your bags and buckle up for June, where Career mode will be our focus! We’ll be talking star-studded storylines featuring Troy Baker and Nolan North, how the Donut Media team and other big automotive names are involved, progression paths, amount of events, and other big features in Career that have been big community requests. Get ready – you won’t want to miss any of this.


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