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iRacing eNASCAR Atlanta: Alfalla ends victory drought

Four-time eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series champion Ray Alfalla become the first driver in series history to score 25 victories on Friday night when he took the checkered flag at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

The Virtual Racing School driver snapped a winless streak dating back to the end of his most recent title-winning season in 2018, and propelled himself into the thick of playoff contention.

For Alfalla, Friday night’s win may not have been much of a surprise. In last fall’s eNASCAR iRacing Pro Series, the series that completes the eNCiS grid, he took his first win of the season here, on the way to winning that series championship and qualifying back into the premier division.

After working his way up from the 26th starting spot, he led a race-high 75 of 167 laps, extending a lead of more than two seconds in the final green flag run on Garrett Lowe, his replacement for 2020 at Wood Brothers Racing.

While a stretch of four back-to-back cautions slowed down the early stages of the race, the lap 55 yellow flag for former Atlanta winner Steve Sheehan was the final one of the night. That left drivers with a stretch of well over 100 green flag laps to end the race, meaning green flag pit stops would play a factor.

Alfalla, who took the lead from Dover winner on Nick Ottinger on lap 70, pit with just over 50 to go. He finally inherited the spot back from JR Motorsports’ Michael Conti on lap 138 and never looking back.

Lowe’s runner-up finish matched a season best and allowed him to climb to third in the championship standings. Renegades’ Caine Cook scored his own best finish of the season in third, while Letarte Esports’ Chris Shearburn and new points leader Keegan Leahy of Denny Hamlin Racing completed the top five. Kollin Keister, who won the series’ most recent round at Charlotte, finished sixth after leading 53 laps, while polesitter Corey Vincent led only the first lap and faded to 16th at race’s end.

Full results from eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series action at Atlanta Motor Speedway were as follows:









Best Lap


1262Ray AlfallaChevrolet1677529.23845
21821Garrett LoweFord1670-1.97629.46439
31255Caine CookFord1670-3.28729.43338
44036Chris ShearburnChevrolet1670-4.52129.56337
52232Keegan LeahyToyota16714-4.94029.30437
6317Kollin KeisterFord16753-5.59829.30136
71023Casey KirwanToyota1670-5.68429.29234
82724Jake NicholsFord1670-5.71529.28733
9246Jimmy MullisToyota1676-6.31529.23233
1076Nathan LyonFord1670-8.07729.53231
11118Michael ContiChevrolet1675-8.35129.28831
123210Justin BoltonFord1670-8.89029.47729
132816Chris OverlandFord1670-9.03729.34128
143341Dylan DuvalFord1670-9.47229.37427
152099Logan ClampittToyota1670-9.69729.30026
16127Corey VincentFord1671-10.16629.33226
171325Nick OttingerChevrolet1675-12.39629.27025
182375Phillip DiazFord1670-14.25729.44923
193777Ashton CrowderToyota1670-20.74829.41622
201742Bob BryantChevrolet1670-21.06529.61521
213614Brandon KettelleFord1670-21.72929.26220
22195Matt BussaFord1670-22.99029.59119
231466Jarl TeienChevrolet1674-24.82929.36719
24590Zack NovakToyota1670-25.38229.48817
252183Bobby ZalenskiChevrolet1670-31.69829.43016
263479Brian SchoenburgFord1662-1 L29.30416
272533Michael GuestChevrolet1660-1 L29.51714
28153Blake ReynoldsChevrolet1660-1 L29.67713
291697John GorlinskyChevrolet1660-1 L29.53012
30988Brad DaviesChevrolet1660-1 L29.55911
31615Michael GuarigliaFord1662-1 L29.52711
323554Alex McCollumChevrolet1660-1 L29.3799
33299Eric J. SmithFord1660-1 L29.5108
343153Ryan Michael LuzaFord1650-2 L29.6927
35837Christian ChallinerChevrolet1620-5 L29.5446
363847Jeremy R AllenChevrolet1400-27 L29.5485
37304Santiago TirresChevrolet1200-47 L29.6154
382451Malik RayToyota1130-54 L29.6063
39418Graham A. BowlinToyota660-101 L29.4522
40391Steve SheehanChevrolet550-112 L29.5141


eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series points after eight rounds are as follows:

  1. Keegan Leahy, 264
  2. Ryan Luza, 254
  3. Garrett Lowe, 252
  4. Bobby Zalenski, 240
  5. Michael Conti, 227
  6. Nick Ottinger, 214
  7. Brad Davies, 210
  8. Jake Nichols, 209
  9. Ray Alfalla, 207
  10. Graham Bowlin, 192

The eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series takes a month off of points-paying competition before returning to the track on June 30 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.


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