TeamVVV get an early preview of F1 2020

TeamVVV editor Alan Boiston has an early sample of the soon to be released 2020 F1 Game by Codemasters.

Bositon said of the video: “We’ve put together a limited preview, a lot of the core aspects of the game are still locked away and we hope to look further at those in the coming weeks along with a more comprehensive written preview looking at all aspects.

“Subtle changes have been made to the graphics, no doubt this was down to the introduction of the highly impressive 2-player spilt screen option. Though the visuals still hold up well on the PC version. However, it is a shame the detail mode from F1 2019 couldn’t remain as an option on the PC version, if only for high-end PC’s.

“No major issue, it will make the leap to next-gen consoles all the more impressive and in the meantime, the optimization will support the current console formats.”