Best Kept Secret: Very useful Bazwise free iRacing Apps

We stumbled upon this Best Kept Secret, or make that Secrets, when we discovered the trio of Bazwise free iRacing Apps: iRacingConfig, iRacingAutoPit and the essential iRacingReplayDirector. They are so good, how can these even be free?


Afree iRacing desktop app that allows you to edit all iRacing INI files simultaneously using a simple interface to create a single profile that you can edit, copy and apply to iRacing at any time.

iRacingConfig was created to make it easy to manage multiple config profiles that you may need for different purposes such as VR racing, video editing, test sessions, watching replays, frame rate testing etc.

It allows you to create multiple profiles that you can apply to iRacing before its run to save you from having to startup iRacing, make changes, and then restart it for the changes to take effect.

It works by simply loading the existing iRacing ini files into a single table and saving them as a single profile. You can create as many profiles as you want. To apply a profile you just select it and then click the ‘Install’ and the app will backup then overwrite your existing iRacing INI files.

iRacing will pickup the new settings the next time it runs. The app is completely portable and all profiles and settings are contained within the same folder as the app. It doesn’t need to be installed or be running when iRacing starts or runs.

Download: iRacingConfig Version 1.21


A free Windows app that extracts real-time telemetry data from iRacing to automatically calculate and set pit stop fuel. It calculates pit stop strategy options, number of stops, pit stop window, average fuel usage and average lap time. It allows you to simulate full race distances in offline testing and logs all lap data. It provides a dashboard for desktop monitors and in-game messages for VR headsets. It has been designed as a portable app with no dependencies and minimal impact on system resources.


  • Free and portable app with no installation or software dependencies.
  • Simple setup so you can be up and running with a few clicks.
  • In-car and on screen info for full compatibility with VR.
  • Automatically calculates and sets fuel required for every pit stop in a race.
  • Simulate a full race with pit stops in an offline test session.
  • Displays pre-race fuel strategy options.
  • Saves fuel and lap data from every session to improve accuracy of future calculations.
  • Desktop dashboard showing all lap, fuel and pit stop information.
  • Message info includes laps until pit stop, laps til pit stop window opens, fuel saving info and more.
  • Assign a controller button to toggle automatic fueling at pit stop.
  • Assign a controller button to toggle tire change at pit stop.
  • Assign a controller button to get the latest fuel and pit stop information at any time.
  • Log every lap showing session info, lap time, fuel usage per lap etc.
  • Alert when fuel saving is possible to reach the end of the race.
  • Supports fuel in litres, gallons, kilograms, pounds and imperial gallons.
  • Designed to use minimal system resources.

Download: iRacingAutoPit Version 1.0.1


This program converts your iRacing replay’s into edited video files for uploading to youtube. It overlays the race with leaderboards and other race data. It creates 2 videos from your replays; the full replay and a 10 minute highlight video. The highlight video will contain the battles, incidents and remove any boring bits from the final video.

Download: iRacingReplayDirector

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