Can KartKraft become the iRacing of karting?

“Multiplayer registration is now open!” trumpets the last update for KartKraft which earlier this month released a substantial multiplayer update which could turn the title into karting’s version of iRacing.

The title went live on Steam in early November 2018 and multiplayer beta Build is now live, this is what the developers said of their latest offerings:

After months of work behind the scenes, version 1 of our scheduled racing system is here and will be rolled out to players over the coming weeks.

While our initial intention was to release a dedicated server and provide an in-game browser for community host races, we made the decision to invest in building a scheduled racing system to provide a competitive, fair, and low-latency racing environment.

With advanced skill-based matchmaking, league and hosted session support in development, KartKraft is quickly becoming the premiere online karting experience.

During the soft launch phase, we’ll be stress-testing the servers, listening to feedback, and gradually increasing the number of participating players before opening the beta to everyone. Initial events will be restricted to Timed Practice with collision disabled.

To be considered for the soft-launch, please register using your real name via the in-game form and confirm your email address.

PFI Classic: This update also sees the introduction of the classic PF International layout from the 90s. With an incredibly fast sweeping hairpin that is turn 1, this is the circuit that drivers like Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Anthony Davidson and Paul Di Resta honed their craft on the way to Formula 1.
Added manufacturer driving suits

Trackside Cameras: We’ve completely overhauled the trackside camera system in preparation for multiplayer. Much like a human camera operator, our cameras now attempt to predict the trajectory of their tracked vehicle and anticipate their target’s position within the frame. The end result is a much more natural, broadcast quality viewing experience with high quality, cinematic, physically-based depth of field.

Leaderboards: In preparation for multiplayer, we’ve reduced the vehicle snapshot size by 72% to minimise packet size. This has had a flow-on effect with leaderboard upload times significantly reduced. As a result, all leaderboard times have been reset to accommodate the new snapshot format.

Manufacturer Suits: All manufacturer suits from Arrow, CRG, Deadly, Formula-K, Monaco, OK1, Praga and Sodikart have now been added to the store. They can be equipped by going to Pits->Driver->Suits


  • NTK has been updated to the latest verson provided by community member and NTK board member ‘Hooves’
  • Added time limit to practice session
  • Changed photoshoot cameras to use cinematic, circular depth of field. This is now controlled by the
    camera aperture.
  • Fixed vehicle snapshot interpolation causing incorrect axle rotation wobble in replays.
  • Fixed motion blur on tyres. They no longer cause artefacts from tangential velocity.
  • Fixed camera transition in menu screens causing the vehicle to slide in from out of screen.
  • Fixed collision for all vehicles. Kerbs can now be ridden with confidence.