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gRally update to commemorate second year since release

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gRally was released by Ghiboz with the goal to provide drivers with the thrill of being seated behind the steering wheel of cars developed with one of the most accurate driving dynamic ever, thanks to an advanced vehicle behaviour, tyre models and road surfaces analysis.

The title is available on Steam for €9,99 now, two years down the road and over a year since the last update, they had this to say:

“To celebrate this important date we released a new build with the last Infinity feature and not only… (take a look to the changelog :))

“For us, this release is very important because we consider it not a the final target but the opposite: it’s the foundation to start racing together over many and many different stages.

“3,2,1… Wait!!! We forgot something… If you want to keep on touch with us, you can go to our Discord server here>>>
Ok.. 3,2,1.. Go!!!!”

Full changelog v1.1.0.0 of 21 May 2020

[column size=one_half position=first ]Adds:

  • Procedural Stages;
  • G1: digital gear indicator;
  • G2: digital gear indicator;
  • Physics on signs;
  • Surface sounds;
  • 30″ time penalty if you recover the car;
  • Stage surfaces on roadbook stage;
  • Management of controllers settings files (save and load);
  • Car paint on live rallies;
  • RPM lights on Logitech wheels (tested on G29);[/column]

[column size=one_half position=last ]Improvements

  • Updated to Unity 2018;
  • Rendering fluency;
  • Reflections;
  • Sky clouds;
  • Ambient light;
  • Car engine sounds;
  • Updated PhysRoad v3 material with ruts and groove;
  • External camera stuttering;
  • Setup check on live rallies;
  • Dust particles shader;
  • “Select replay file” message if any replay file isn’t selected;
  • Replay list;
  • Replay camera stuttering;
  • Replay file (pack that save livery, date time and other geo settings);
  • Replay camera management;[/column]

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Paul Velasco

Paul Velasco