Early Review: VRC release the Auriel 90 IMSA GTO

VRC Modding Team has released the second car in their ARC (IMSA GTO) race series with this Auriel 90, the new car is, of course, styled after the iconic Audi 90 IMSA GTO race car that had such an impact during its reign on tracks around the world.

This is what they wrote of their latest mod creation:

“VRC is really proud to announce the release of the American Racing Championship, Auriel 90GTO! This mod includes a BOP version of the car. BoP is a term that means Balance of Performance. This version of the Auriel 90GTO is balanced to race against VRC’s Chevrette 28.

“The original [Audi 90] runs a 6-speed manual gearbox. However, by the rules of regulations back in the day, the car was running 5 gears only. The 6th gear was blocked therefore to comply with the regulations. We would like to inform, that we will support 5 gears as well, to replicate the time the car was running at its best.”