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Drift 21 Early Access fixes deployed to sort controller issues

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After going Early Access on Steam earlier this month, Drift 21 publishers 505Games have released a couple of patches since then to sort out user issues that affected players, particularly controller issues.

This is what they had to say:

First of all, thanks everyone for having purchased DRIFT21 and for the feedback left in the forum and in the reviews.

We are fully aware that some players are experiencing problems with controls and steering wheels and be sure that it is the utmost priority for ECC Games to fix any controls-related issue, so that everyone can enjoy the game as intended.
At the moment, we are working on the following related to controls:

* Keyboard related issues

A hotfix that fixes the keybinding problems has just been released and should significantly improve the experience. If someone is still encountering key assignment problems, please let us know.

* Controller related issues

These issues are linked to the values used to translate the controller input in the game. In order to solve this, we are improving the response time of controllers and hopefully with today’s (19 May) hotfix these issues too should be solved.

* Force feedback & wheels behaviour

This is of course one of the most important aspects as we want to support to the max extent the wheels and pedals in the market, as in ECC Games too we do use them a lot and we know well how frustrating it can be when your wheel doesn’t work Corrected. Here we do have a couple of issues, part of the problems are linked to the “Invert” function of the FFB, that in the released game needs to be activated manually. Talking with some users, we know that after tagging the “Invert” option a good amount of issues has been resolved.

We also fixed the “no couter steer” problem on Logitech wheels.

And, at last, we are working hard to solve some additional bugs that have been reported and our goal is to increase the wheels compatibility to 100% in a very short time. For the nature of the this kind of work, we cannot anticipate a date within which all the issues will be solved, but we expect to release few hotfixes in a short time to improve your gaming experience.

* Handbrake behaviour

Some users reported that after re-assigning the handbrake to a button that doesn’t have an axis, it will be permanently triggered on the track. This behaviour is linked to the dead-zone setting just below the handbrake one; to fix this, try setting the two dead-zone values to 50 and 100.

* Other

We did regroup some other bug reports as Quality of Life issues and make sure that we’ll snuck improvements in every hotfix, starting from the fastest ones.

This said, all ECC Games & 505 Games teams want to thank you again for the support given to this project and make sure that we are working hard day & night with the only goal to make the game truly enjoyable for everyone.
And of course there are new contents too incoming very soon but we’ll talk about that in our future posts!


• Fixed some problems with Logitech wheels „FFB No Counter steer problem”
• Fixed incorrectly mapping arrows in controls (settings)
• Fixed a bug where force feedback was active during challenge replay
• Fixed a bug where force feedback was active during loadings and pause menu
• Fixed Fanatec pedals range problem
• Fixed controller response time lag
• Fixed a bug where challenge result screen overlapped with “Quit the game” pop-up
• Fixed a bug where a car could be set up for drift twice
• Fixed rear lights in MX5’s trunk door showing improperly
• Fixed multiple sprites in tutorial pop-ups
• Fixed a bug where car parts were dropped right after a purchase
• Fixed a bug where menu music played during the gameplay
• Fixed a bug where collision sounds were triggered incorrectly
• Fixed a bug where after skipping tutorial engine installed in MX5 wasn’t “purchased”
• Fixed improperly working Reset All Settings pop-up
• Fixed incorrectly displaying texts in challenge result screens
• Fixed a bug where change of language didn’t invoke a refresh
• Fixed a bug with challenges maps showing improperly on 21:9 screen ratio
• Fixed trees on Minami Track
• Fixed a bug where tutorial pointer was visible during Warehouse part preview window
• Fixed looped loading after clicking on “Credits”
• Fixed various decals in Paint Booth
• Fixed starting point for tutorial challenge – should work properly with bigger cars
• Fixed texts and typos

• Added a limit to maximum unused part limit in garage – The limit is 300
• Added an hotkey to spawn previously used car part – by default “R”
• Added “change FOV” option – Should be visible in Video settings
• Added new cockpit camera with 900 degree wheel rotation

• Modified prices of car parts in Warehouse – changes to Stage 2 & 3 part prices
• Modified prices of cars in Car Shop – each car should be slightly cheaper

After this update, you must re-assign the key settings.

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