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Automobilista 2 V0.9.2.1 Released

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This update is largely focused on FFB, physics and AI developments, but it also features a large assemble of improvements & fixes in all fronts, adds the option to save Replays to your Replay Gallery , new options to the HUD system along with new gameplay features and the first stage of our revamped lighting, featuring HDR & climate revisions.

As usual, when there are substantial physics & FFB changes some recallibration is in order to bring car-specific FFB & AI values up to the latest specs – both of those fronts have already been largely revised to suit the new developments but it may take another build to get the best of them for all cars in the game.

There is one last round of FFB developments to come before v1.0, at which point the “Old Default” profile will be discontinued. We recommend switching to “New Default” in the FFB configuration screen if you haven´t done so already.

With this FFB update tyre flatspots from a hard wheel lock-up under braking will be more perceptible in high performance slicks,, although currently most tyre compounds will allow for only mild tread flatspotting – further development to come here.

Be advised you must reset your car setups to properly experience recent physics developments – setup changes are auto-saved and reloaded whenever you choose the same car so if you have an old setup change it will still be applying with potentially incompatible changes from the new build- to avoid such issues, upon loading a car in v0.9.2.1 make sure to go into Setup screen & click “reset to default”; if in doubt or to assure you´re running current default settings, a fresh player profile is recommend (you can create a fresh profile by deleting your local My Docs/Automobilista 2 folder – be advised this will delete all your game settings).



  • Added Replay Gallery
  • Added “Save Replay” button to replay screen (only available at end of session)
  • Fixed “Cancel” button not working on keybinding and similar confirmation screen
  • Removed redundant ABS / TC ranges from setup screens of cars with no assists available & disable TC/SC/ABS values from Gameplay options screen when aids are ‘OFF’ or ‘Authentic’
  • Added KERS / BOOST / P2P display to HUD;
  • Slightly increased width of leaderboard and added a first pass strategy for longer driver names
  • Applied grey text for position and driver name text for AI drivers
  • Added ‘Full’ variant of car info HUD gadget (enable via hud editor)
  • Fixed telemetry screen unit text localisation
  • Fixed telemetry screen right side temp bars escaping tire outline
  • Corrected number of corners for Kyalami (15) & Santa Cruz (14)
  • Corrected vehicle stats for Karts & Trucks
  • Fixed page title on in-game gameplay options screen


  • FFB calculations now account for any change in caster trail and scrub radius, with improved braking feel, overall smoother output & better weight transfer feel
  • Fixed issues with FFB spiking & occasionally producing strong jolts when wheels loose contact with ground (load loss) and added filtering to smoothen out abrupt transitions
  • When front tyres are not loaded FFB will now present only gyroscopic torque, fixing bug that could cause steering to get very heavy in some airborne situations
  • Improved parking force function


  • Thoroughly revised tyre physics for all cars
  • Revised FFB values for all cars to suit new tyre physics & FFB developments
  • Fixed error in Ultima Race / P1 tyre treads resulting in a much faster hard tyre compound;
  • Added initial implementation of Push-to-Pass rules & functionalities for Stock Car V8 (still missing first lap block, 5s delay between pressing button & boost deployment, windshield LEDs for boost use/availability)
  • Added KERS functionality to F-Reiza;
  • Added temporary max boost button for F-Classic Gen1 cars
  • Revised ERS system for F-Ultimate
  • Thoroughly revised brake systems for all cars covering response curve, torque, optimal temp ranges, effects of being off temperature, cooling properties & default brake pressure
  • Removed brake duct values from cars that don´t have one
  • Fixed error in F-Classic Gen1 (both models) diffuser properties leading to no loss of aero efficiency with yaw & other diffuser revisions
  • Reduced undertray scrape friction for all cars
  • Set default Traction Control setting to 10% for all cars when the assist is enabled
  • Adjusted head physics properties & reduced range of movement
  • Revised body aero effects for MRX, Roco, StockV8, Sigma P1
  • Further reduced body drag for all Caterhams
  • Revised Super V8 power, weight, weight distribution to more up-to-date references
  • Fixed Sigma P1 fuel consumption & overheating
  • Fixed errors in Opala´s wheelbase / track width / height offset
  • Adjusted torque curve on lower RPM ranges for Caterhams, F-Classic Gen1, Roco engines
  • AJR Chevy & Honda Turbo variants from P1 class, now have Traction Control and ABS available when driving assists are set to ‘Authentic” as per real-life counterparts
  • MRX from P2 class now has Traction Control available when driving assists are set to ‘Authentic” as per real-life counterparts
  • Increased downshift protection for all cars


  • Increased AI speed midcorner for all cars
  • Reduced AI speed drop when conceding position to overtaking cars
  • Slightly reduced AI start reaction range
  • Increased AI care when around human players
  • Fixed bug cuasing Fusca from Copa Classic FL to occasionally rol
  • Revised AI performance in practice & qualifying
  • Adjusted AI performance to more realistic ranges when accelerating or skipping a session


  • Further polished Sprint Race onboard audio samples


  • Added first pass for ongoing lighting revamp with HDR & climate visual updates
  • Added new armco textures to Brands, Oulton, Interlagos and Kyalami
  • Added new gravel detail maps to Brands and Oulton
  • Created a library of various detail / normal tarmac maps for various surfaces (rough / new / smooth etc) – currently only applied a few of them to Oulton Park, Kyalami, VIR, Cadwell, Jerez
  • Added customization pass to trackside marshalls & crowds
  • Revised track limits for Kyalami 2020, Donington Park
  • Brands Hatch. Fixed misaligned sector 2 trigger on GP layout causing lap times not to register
  • Fixed bug with 1st lap not registering at Imola 1988 & 2001
  • Cascavel: Fixed timing bug where delta time would read incorrectly when crossing S2 trigger; removed excess garage/pit spots to match grid spots count
  • Santa Cruz: Fixed issues on rolling starts & repositioned rolling start location; added more garage spots; Corrected missing animated marshals/crowds (change winter to autumn).


  • Puma P052: Fixed RPM LED scaling; Fixed LOD C tyres
  • F-Classic Gen1: Fixed cockpit carbon material
  • MetalMoro MRX Duratec P2: Fixed lights on LOD B
  • Passat Copa Classic B: Fixed cockpit side mirrors
  • Formula Vintage Gen2: Fixed exhaust position
  • F-V10 Fixed gap between wheel rim and tyre from cockpit view
  • Puma P052, GTB: Fixed rain streaks direction
  • Puma GTE: Added rear lights
  • MetalMoro AJR & MRX::Updated headlights color
  • Sprint Race: Improved exterior mirrors
  • Fixed Copa Classic Fusca fender lodding out
  • Opala Old Stock: Fixed UV mapping in bonnet
  • F_Ultimate: Adjusted collision mesh
  • StockCar V8: Fixed central mirror position
  • Adjusted brake glow ranges for carbon brakes
  • Several updates to Sigma P1 model & cockpit
  • Added new Sigma & MRX liveries in P2 class
  • Revised MCR Sports 2000 liveries: #01 #02 #03 #04 #05 #06 #07 #08 #09 #11 #12 #15 #16 #25 #26 #29 & Community liveries #17 #18 #42

EDIT: Small silent hotfix just went up including the following changes:

  • Added missing lighting adjustment (cause of overly dark lighting in some circunstances before this fix)
  • Kyalami 2020: Adjusted some clipped road line overlays, further track limit fine tuning, added missing T5 runoff curb, fixed collision issues with concrete walls
  • MCR2000: Added rear brake lights
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