Fanatec release limited edition ClubSport Wheel F1 2020

Fanatec have introduced the new officially licensed, limited edition ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 2020 with “a strict limitation of 2020 units available” and will ship on July 7th, with pre-orders open today.

Special features include:

Unique forged carbon – The 5 mm carbon fibre front plate now features a forged carbon finish. This design continues to the shifter paddles, also finished in forged carbon.

New single magnetic shifters – The biggest upgrade for this year is the new ClubSport Magnetic Paddle Module. This is a simplified version of the Podium Advanced Paddle Module with a single shifter on the left and right, featuring a strong magnetic resistance and ‘click’, giving a solid, positive feel to every shift. The 3 mm-thick carbon fibre paddles are finished in forged carbon, which is exclusive to the F1 2020 wheel. Of course, the modules are still upgradeable to the Podium Advanced Paddle Module if you need that extra pair of paddles and the analogue ‘dual-clutch’ system.

Perforated leather grips and customisable button caps – This year, the genuine smooth leather grips feature perforations to provide superior breathability over longer race sessions. In addition, 11 customisable black button caps are included, along with the full set of stickers from the ‘Button Caps and Sticker Set’.

Loaded with tech – The F1 2020 remains packed with the same advanced technology as the F1 2019 wheel, including multi-colour RevLEDs, FlagLEDs, an OLED display, and a huge number of inputs: thumb encoders, 12-way multi-position switches, 2-way rocker switches… the list goes on.